Welcome to the network centre, see common used resources and help below, email for more information.

  • Commonly used domain names.
    1. (HNG-OVH) - Main website for everything
    2. (H-N) - Main network and communications site (The HNG Network)
  • Commonly used IP Addresses.
    1. 2001:470:69df::69df - The main ipv6 for the main website
    2. - The main ipv4 for the main website & all v4 services
    3. 2001:470:69df:69df::1 - The main ipv6 for the download service, just expermineting
    4. 2001:bc8:3575:100:: - The old main ipv6, used for ping and other stuff
    5. - The main ipv4 for all sites and servers in the HNG DC

Got a series matter? Issue or need some information? - Email or fax +448445883HNG (+44 08445883464).